At CitiVision Inc. we would like to express our desire to make certain that the economic and cultural futures of Frisco are as unique and prosperous as your growth has already demonstrated, and that the potential of this great city is utilized in a way never imagined before.

The Texas Riviera Project
, situated on 720 acres positioned between The Dallas Cowboys World Headquarters and Toyota Stadium & Soccer Center, would provide the cultural identity and economic evolution that this city deserves. With world-class entertainment, corporate headquarters, and sports venues all situated on a 2 mile long, man-made riverwalk, The Texas Riviera Project will produce and attract the millennial generation as well as international business that Frisco needs in this era of globalization. In partnership with a multibillion dollar master developer, CitiVision Inc. (division of Harvard Companies Inc.) envisions a public-private partnership that would put the city on the forefront of urban walkable development.

From affordable housing to upscale dining, The Texas Riviera
 will not only offer something for everyone, but will unquestionably become a source of identification and community for all Frisco citizens alike. By diversifying the LEED certified development, the project will bring amenities once partitioned to separate suburbs: hockey, concerts, festivals, riverwalk, rodeos, etc. and bring them all to the heart and soul of Frisco. This focus on the socioeconomic growth of Frisco will be a step away from the old, and vault the city forward, finally bringing the best of business and entertainment together; creating a new way of thinking about life and work in your city.

Our hope is that people will rally around the vision of a unique riverfront entertainment addition to the Frisco landscape. This community, and its future, is held in the voices and minds of each citizen, and that future can be realized with your help and recognition of this project. Please use this opportunity to look at our website, and investigate the vision and passion of The Texas Riviera project
. Should you have any further questions or comments, feel free to contact us.

We look forward to the open communication, and the belief that the citizens of Frisco can, and will decide for themselves what direction they want their city to move in on the global stage.

Randall R. Turner

CitiVision Inc.
Division of Harvard Companies Inc. 

The Texas Riviera

The Heart & Soul of Frisco®